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Lois Ehlert

By: Sydney U.
Illinois, Age 9

Lois Ehlert wrote and illustrated books. She has 1 sister and 1 brother. Lois Ehlert was the oldest of her brother and sister. She was born in Beaver Dam Wisconsin. She was born in November, 1934. Lois Ehlert is a kind person and loves to illustrate books and also write books. She always goes to the library to buy or look at books. When she was a little child she dreamed of becoming an artist. Some obstacles she tried to make were making the books good. Some contributions she made were helping to make little kids books so they would like them. Major events in Lois Ehlerts life were making and illustrating books. She is great at making books. When she writes books she starts with pictures. Some of the books by Lois Ehlert are Color Zoo, Color Farm, Feathers for Lunch, Red Leaf Yellow Leaf, and Snowballs.

If I would have gotten to see her I would have asked how do you feel about writing and illustrating. I would describe Lois Ehlert as a kind, nice, and good at writing and illusrating books. The most interesting fact about Lois Ehlert is that she is great at writing and illustrating books. A summery of what I learned is that she grew up in Beaver Dam Wisconsin. Also that she has 1 sister and 1 brother and that she loves to read and go to libraries and also to go buy books.