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Belle Starr

By: Lauren L.
Illinois, Age 9

Belle Starr was born February 5, 1848 on a farm in Carthage, Missouri. She was living with Elizabeth, and John Shirley. Her real name is Martha May Belle Shirley. She took the name Belle because it was her middle name. She married Jim Reed/Starr.
She had three children. She was a rambunctious, coragous, and adventurous woman. She went to jail for stealing a horse. She got out and bailed him out soon after. She used to have thieves plan crimes on her porch.
Then her husband died. They said if she didn't marry she couldn't not keep the house. She did not help society at all. If she was alive I would ask her ŠWhat was it like being an outlaw?Ă To be like a lady she rode side sattle. She died at the age of 41. ThatĂs who Belle Starr was.