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Elizabeth`s Three Crowns

By: Lindsey B.
Illinois, Age 9

Princess Elizabeth was born in the middle age of 1207 in her home town Hungary. When Elizabeth was four she had to leave her mother Gertrude and her father King Andrew to another Kingdom to fall in love with Louis the little prince so they could get married when there old enough, when they first met they liked each other very much. When Elizabeth knew more about God and how people were treated wanted to change that she wants people to be fair to each other.
In 1228 Elizabeth and Louis were married and it was wonderful Elizabeth and Louis loved it as much as each other. Elizabeth loved Louis a lot because he stood up for her she gave away stuff to the poor. Elizabeth always tried to help the poor and she did, but it was hard because the wealthy always treated the poor like dirt and never wanted her to speak with or go near them, but Elizabeth would never do it.
Elizabeth had one child a few months after the marriage it was a girl then a year later had another girl which was a bad time because there were going to war,Louis had to lead them to the dangers of the journey. In the middle of the journey Louis got ill so they stopped, but a few days later he died which was very bad for Elizabeth because no one would protect her so she was treated very badly when she had her next little girl when she was treated very badly she ran away and took her children and found a place where she had a little boy, Elizabeth had to seperate from her children so she took her two oldest to the sisters and left the youngest to some friends.
There Elizabeth was sad, but she reminded herself it was a gift to god. So Elizabeth was happier and help the poor and had picnics with the poor and visited the poor, but Elizabeth died of a flu in 1231 her last words were let me be with you God.