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Dan Marino Record Setting Quarterback

By: Daniel P.
Illinois, Age 9

Dan Marino was born in Pittsburg,Pennsylvania September 15, 1961.He had 3 brothers a mom and a dad.Dan got a scholarship to Pittsburg state University on football. He then got drafted by the Miami Dolphins in 1983. On 1984 he and the dolphins won the AFL confrence title.

Later in his career Dan broke lots of passing records including the only rookie quarterback to start a probowl.Dan retired in 1999.One of the reasons he retired is because his son had autism. Autism is a disorder that keeps him from responding. After Dan found out his son had autism he started the Dan Marino autism foundation for kids. That was one of the main challenges for dan in his life.

Dan lives today with his wife and his sons. Dan is a great person with a great personality. Who donates time and money to help kids with their problems.Dan will probaly make it into the National Football Hall of Fame.As one of the best passing quarterbacks. That is the biography of Dan Marino Record Setting Quarterback.