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Clare Barton

By: Meg F.
Illinois, Age 9

Clar Barton is a very important person.She is founder of the American Red Cross. She was born on December 25,1821 in North Oxford on Christmas day. She had for siblings and her parents. Her dads name was Stephon, Dorthe, David and Sally.She grow up at North Oxford, Massachusetts. Clare died April,1912. She was shy when she was young. She grow up to be verY smart. She opened a school that was free to go to.She also started the American Red Cross. In her life she wanted to help people that were in the war and that were hurt. She was supposed to stay home and cook for her family. She wanted to show that women could be in charge,and she did.In 1838 she began teaching. 1851 she found a successful school. 1881 she founded the American Red Cross.