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Benjamin Harrison

By: Anna S.
Illinois, Age 9

Benjamin Harrison was a chubby square shouldered boy with blond hair who was bright but stubborn. His father's name was John Scott Harrison. His mother's name was Elizabeth Ramsey Irwin Harrison. He was born in North Bend, Ohio, 1833. His hometown was Indianapolis, Indiana.

When Benjamin Harrison was a young adult he made friends easily. He was a handsome man. He had black hair. Benjamin Harrison wanted to become a lawyer when he was young. He went to college and wrote letters to his parents.

As an adult Benjamin Harrison was fearless independent, with a strong sense of justice, and high intelligence. He was a general for wars against indians. He had a few goals too, one was to have an honest administration. He fulfilled his goal. Benjamin Harrison also wanted to fulfill his campaign promises. Benjamin Harrison campaigned for president. He won the campaign in 1889-1893 he was president. He married Caroline Scott in 1853. He had three children. Russel Benjamin Harrison, Mary Scott Harrison, and Elizabeth Harrison. Two of his obstacles were that the political parties wielded power for thier own benifit. Another one of his obstacles was that he had to deal with striking workers. He died in the White House August 20th 1991.