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Surprising Myself

By: Lauren K.
Illinois, Age 9

Jean Fritz was born on November 16, 1915 in Hankow, China. She moved to New York when she was thirteen. She now has a husband Frank and two children; Andrea and David. Her daughter Andrea has a husband Frank. Fritzes son David has a wife Carmela, they have two children Micheal Scott, and Dan. She now lives in New York by the Hudson River.
Jean Fritz is a very active person she likes to explore at every chance she could. She loves to write poetry and stories as she is a writer now. She has a great big imagination. Jean Fritz is always wondering, also she is a very good person. She is always looking for great surprises to write about.
Fritz wrote books like Homesick; My own Story and China; Home coming. she has always wished for someday having her own story and to place down her memories to not be lost. her dad told her about America and she wanted to go so badly. She is a very good writer.