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Peg Kehret

By: Nicole S.
Illinois, Age 9

Peg`s family Art (her brother) and her parents Beth and Bob Shulze, were very nice.Her hometown was Austin,Texas. She was born in 1937 and is now 67 years old. She is very nice,kind, generous, and hard working. When she was 12 she caught the disease Polio and defeated it when she was 13.
She`d have to get hot packs and therapy sessions(stretches). Her goals in the hospital were to defeat Polio and to return to her house. Her obstacles were that there was no cure for Polio and that she was paralyzed. She learned to walk again after a couple years. When her roomate was 16 she died from her disease. The people who had Polio from long ago are now getting pains from the horrible disease they had long ago.