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Beverly Cleary

By: Carmen C.
Illinois, Age 9

Beverly Cleary was born on April 12, 1916 in McMinnville, Oregon. She had no siblings, but she did have a mother and a father named Mable and Chester Cleary. Her mother taught her importance of books and reading when she was young and that made Mrs. Cleary want to read very much, but it was a challenge for her. When she was six years old she moved from her hometown to the city where she would learn to read in school. She was very excited and couldnĘt wait, but she struggled.
She didn't think the words meant anything to her. Her mother would always tell her that reading was fun, but she didn't think so at all. Another reason she didn't really like it was because her teach was very cruel, but all that changed. One day when she was in the third grade Mrs. Cleary was reading a book from school. She fell in love with it. She thought it was really interesting and fun. It really made sense to Mrs. Cleary. She wondered why all books didn't have something new happen on every page.
From then on she loved books and thought they were very important. When she became an adult she became a librarian. She would read to children there and help them find fun books. Her husband Clarence would tell he she should write books, she wanted to, but they didn't have a pencil sharpener and the pencils would go low. One day, though, her husband went out and bought her a pencil sharpener.
When she go it she was pleased and started to think about how her story would go. When she looked out the window she got an idea. She started to write her draft. It was about a boy who finds a stray dog and tries to sneak it home on the bus. When she published it, it was a hit. She wrote her stories the same way, by seeing everyday life. When she got older she wrote more and more childrenĘs' books and won many awards and medals. She liked to make her books easy to read and fun for children. That's exactly what she did.