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John Adams

By: Jalil F.
Maryland, Age 11

` John Adams
John Adams was born on October 30, 1735 in Braintree Quincy Massachusetts. John Adams married Abigail Smith. John Adams graduated from Harvard College in 1787 ranking 14 in a class of 24. John Adams was named after is father.
John Adams had important contributions Revolutionary War. John Adams was one of the people how was against the stamp act. John Adams defended the British soldiers tried for their part in the Boston Massacre. John Adams wrote a lot of articles to stop taxation. John Adams was very qualities because he was against slavery and he was good to all people.
I believe that John Adams was motivated to help the Patriots gain justice because he was against slavery in all states.
John Adams lived a good life. In his later years, he became the vice-president. Then he became the second president of the United States. After being the President, he was a Secretary of State for Timothy Pickering and Marshall. If John Adams was alive today, I think the advice that he would give to people is to never give up for your country. John Adams is a good man to me because he was an abolitionist.