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Gertrude Chandler Warner

By: Kelly N.
Illinois, Age 9

Gertrude Chandler Warner was born on April 16, 1890, Putnam, a small town in the northeast corner of Connecticut. She lived there her whole life. She died at the age of 89. Gertrude was interested in trains. She wanted to live in a boxcar. Warner wrote the boxcar children books. She was interested in trains. Her mother Jane told her that writing books would never pay off. Her father was nice. Warner joined the Red Cross and became a chairwoman.

One day the WarnerĘs house caught fire. As a young child, WarnerĘs nose was often stuffed up & she sneezed much of the time. She suffered form hay fever. No medicine could cure it. She wanted to write books & magazine articles about her childhood & life experiences. She also wanted to be a teacher. She wrote many books & magazines articles.

When Warner died her work stopped for only a short time. Kids demanded more adventures of The Boxcar Children written by different people. They hired new authors to continue her work of The Boxcar Children Series.

Her books continue after her death and many people continue to enjoy them everyday.