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Laurence Pringle

By: Alex H.
Illinois, Age 9

Laurence Pringle was born in the year of 1936. The place he was born in was western New York. He has a brother Gary, a dad, five children, and his wife Susan. He is the recipient of two major awards. Did you know it took him two years to publish his first book. He has written a lot of book for children.

His goal was to write childrenĂs books about envier mental issues. He is his own obstacle, because he tries to write perfect the first time. Some major events in his life are he was married twice and he won two awards for writing. One contributions to society is that he wrote many books for children. If I could ask him a question would ask him ˘What was the best book you ever wrote.

Laurence Pringle has a white beard, white hair, and a white moustache. The most interesting fact about him is he has written more than 100 books. A summary of the story is he was born in New York. He has written more than 100 books. He got married twice. I also learned that if you believe in something you need to be persistent.