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Biography about my Dad

By: Abigail C.
United Kingdom, Age 9

Do you know Mr Gez Collier? He's really special and clever because he's my dad. Do you know he has amazing talents wlth I.T. and with teenagers? Do you like I.T? If you do, be aware, once you've read this biography you'll be desperate to meet him and find out twice as much as you already know about computers.
My Dad was born in Fenton where he grew up to be quite a naughty child. He broke many of his bones as a child, including his colar bone and his nose! He didn't like school much as he was forced to write with his right hand. (He was left handed.) At one time he even played football on the ropof of his school. When he was 7 he moved to a tiny bungalow, still in Fenton.

My Dad's jobs.
My Dad had many jobs...his first job was taxi driving, he didn't get much moner there so he decided to pack in the job.
Next he started to put the tiles on roofs. As he went through these two jobs he had a slight liking for computers. As he went through his life, this liking got greater and he began to teach himself more and more about computers. Soon he went to university where he decided to be a computer engineer. He began working at a place called Marconi where he liked it and enjoyed it a lot.