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Illinois, Age 10

The Author of a Lifetime

Do you like magic? Do you like excitement? If so, J K Rowling is the author for you. She writes fabulous books.
J. K. RowlingĂs life has been a luster of a fairytale. Rowling has always been writing. Her first book was called ˘Rabbit÷ and she says, ˘I havenĂt stopped scribbling since.÷ She likes the fact that people donĂt recognize her and ask for autographs all the time. J. K. RowlingĂs books have been sold to England, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Britain, America, Portugal, Czechoslovakia, Norway, Japan, and Sweden and she feels great about it. Now because of her astounding mind she is now richer that the Queen of England!
Some people have questions about where and how J.K. Rowling writes her magnificent books. Some people wonder where Rowling writes her books. Well, she writes them in cafTs! Now she writes in other ones. Other people wonder how she gets her ideas. Rowling says ˘They just pop right into my head.÷ When her ideas come to mind she writes them down. There are still other people that question how J.K. Rowling gets the names for her characters. The first thing she does is she looks for names anywhere she can. After that she finds out what names suit the character. If she canĂt find a good name she just makes one up, for instance Malfoy. Sometimes she goes back and finds words that mean something. For instance Dumbledore is an old English word for bumblebee, Hedwig was a saint, and Snape is the name of a place in England. The other people that are really interested want to know why Rowling first wrote her books. She wrote them because she was low in that point in life and had to achieve something or she would have gone stark raving mad.