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Jane Goodall

By: Courtney B.
Tennessee, Age 10

This is about a girl who studies chimpanzees. Her name is Jane Goodall. When Jane was little, she lived in England. Jane liked to look at cats and dogs, but she dreamed about going to Africa. She wanted to see the wild animals. In 1957, Jane got to go to Africa. This man named Dr. Louis Leaky gave her a job to study chimpanzees and gorillas. Jane said, ''Yes! When can I go?''

Jane liked to sit and look at animals. Jane observed tham at close range and wrote detailed reports about their behavior. Jane Goodall uncovered many similarities between humans and chimpanzees through years of observation.

One of the monkeys was the boss. His name was Mike. Flo was the top female chimpanzee. She was the mother of 5 chimpanzees Feben, Figan, Fifi, Flint and Flame. Jane noted that Flo was a good mother. Flo let the little chimpanzees come in the bed she made. She gave them things to eat, and played with the little chimpanzees. Fifi liked to tug in Flo's legs. Flint liked to ride on Flo's back. Jane made notes on all the things wild chimpanzees do. Jane also made notes about big chimpanzees and little chimpanzees. In time the chimpanzees got used to her. They let Jane sit and look at them doing lots and lots of things. Jane liked being with chimpanzees. She sat with the chimpanzees day in and day out.