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Marie Curie

By: Austin C.
Tennessee, Age 9

In November 1867, Marie Curie was born in Warsaw, Poland. She was a good student. In 1882, Marie left school with a gold medal. In 1891, she enrolled at the Sorbonne University in Paris, France. Marie won first place on her physics test. This led to her taking a degree in math in 1894. It was unusual for a woman to study science.

Marie married a scientist named Pierre Curie in 1895. Two years later their daughter Irene was born. They were a happy family.

In 1902, the Curies made a speck of radium. Radium gives off powerful rays. Marie Curie called this effect ''radioactivity''. The following year, 1903, Marie became the first European woman Doctor of Science. Marie was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics that same year. In 1911, she got her second Nobel Prize.

Marie had no idea how dangerous radiation is. She became very sick. On July 6, 1934, Marie Curie died from radiation poisoning. Her work was very important. Marie Curie's work opened the way for more women scientists. Her work taught the world how to use radiation.