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Henry ford

By: Sydney W.
Virginia, Age 9

On January 21, 1863 the best Automotive Pioneer was born. That person was Henry Ford. Most of HenryĂs spare time was spent experimenting and tinkering. At age nine, Henry had lots of chores. Like chopping kindling, keeping the kitchen and sitting room wood boxes full, and carrying water from the well.

Margaret and Jane, the older sisters of the family, helped their mother with the housework. HenryĂs father didnĂt like when Henry would fix the neighborĂs stuff and not charge them a cent. In March 1873, when Henry was nearly 13 his mother died. Mr.FordĂs sister, Mrs.Rebbeca Faherty, came to the farm to take charge of the house, but Henry missed his mother.

In 1888 Henry was married to Clara Bryant. In November 1893, a son was born to Henry and Clara. Seven years later Henry built the first horseless carriage. HenryĂs horseless carriage excited great curiosity in Detroit. Soon enough, Henry was selling the cars. 10,000,00 people bought the cars only in one year. He went on selling for twenty years. He became a millionaire very soon.

In 1947 Henry Ford fell ill and took to his bed. A severe storm had put both electricity and furnace out of service. In his cold, dark mansion, which was lit only by candles, Henry Ford died on April 27 alone with his wife and one servant. And thatĂs why I will always remember Henry ford as the best automotive pioneer ever.