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Title Written By State/Country
Sacagawea Lady of Many Stengths Mandee B. Indiana
Samah K. Maya E. New Jersey
Sarah Dessen Mariana L. Florida
Shakira Kayla and eli P. Florida
Sharon Creech Katharine B. Florida
Sharon Creech Katharine B. Florida
Stephen King Michael L. Oklahoma
Steven Tyler Kaela B. Wisconsin
Summary of Olaudah Equiano’s life Yasharwan P. Kentucky
Surviving the Applewhites Writer A. Florida
Taylor lauhtner Eli and kayla X. Florida
Techno Snowman K. Japan
Tecumseh Brandon M. D. Indiana
The biography of Oprah Winfrey Cotta J. Indiana
The Boring Life About Janelle M. California
The Danny Kass Show Gabriel S. California
The Exciting Life of Cece O. Cece O. Arkansas
The Italian Stallion Jenaro M. New Jersey
The Life and Times of J.R.R. Tolkien Michelle S. Florida
The Life and Times of Vito D. Austin M. New Jersey
The life of Kaká Kimberly R. Florida
The Life of Betsy Ross Shanae D. Delaware
The Life of Marty H Marty H. Arkansas
The Life of Mary McLoed Bethune Vershad I. South Carolina
The Life of Paul Zindel Allen C. Florida