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Shenandoah Elementary School

By: Avery S.
Virginia, Age 10

By: Avery S

IÆm going to tell you what a day of school is like for me. It starts off in the bus room where everybody is laughing and having fun before the dreaded classes start. When it is time to go up to Mrs. CubbageÆs oven it feels like your burning up. If ONE person doesnÆt have their homework, she hands out tickets everywhere. Although it looks like she is about to pull her hair out, it never happens. When we are done collecting papers, we do our social studies, and grammar subjects. Then we go to the second best class in the whole school.
It is Mrs. WilliamÆs room. She doesnÆt normally give out homework. She has the best seating arrangement there is. The best thing about her class is she has my two favorite subjects. They are writing and science.
After her class, we get to have lunch. Most of the food they have there is good. When weÆre done eating we get to go outside. We can either play kickball or basketball.
When we come back in, we go to math class and put our books in Mrs. ShortÆs room. Then we go down to P.E. That is the best place for me in the school. We can have a lot of fun and get noisy. Then it is time for math. It is hard to think in her room because of the sweaty smells. When her class is over the bell rings and we go home. That is what a day of school is like for me.