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The story of a 10 year old boys life

By: Brelbi G.
Florida, Age 10

After I was first born life was a mystery to me.I started to learn about life as I grew.As I grew I learned about life and started to go to school at 5 years old. School was a mystery to me but as life I learned about it. I learned about school and its conseqenses and its rewards. My parents helped me with my school homework. I went to many places and learned about things like birthdays. As I grew I went to different grades and know I am in 4th grade.I have had many experiences and I am still learning and I learn more every day and this my story as a 10 year old boy!My parents still teach me an finally show me life like what moises are made from and how they are made and finally they teach me different games and food to try every day like monopoly and hot-dogs and finally that's all I can say.