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The Story Of The Opposite Twins

By: Daniel B.
Minnesota, Age 10

The Story of The Opposite Chinese Twins

Once upon a time in the land of China there was a woodland house by a running stream. In that house lived a pair of twins with their parents and their cat, Milky. Tamo was very nice and generous and he shared everything with his brother, Tomo. Tamo has blond hair, blue eyes, and a big brain. Tomo was greedy, selfish, and he didnĂt share anything with his brother Tamo. Tomo has dark hair, green eyes, and a very small brain. Their mom had blue eyes, dark hair, and she was a baker.

One fine sunny spring morning Tamo decided that he would go on a morning walk. His mom gave him a box of dough balls for his walk. Tamo walked in the forest until he reached a place where there was plenty of grass and the air smelled like cherry blossoms. He thought to himself this is where IĂm going to eat all of my dough balls. He sat down and opened up the box.

Suddenly a mysterious woodman emerged from the forest. He was wearing brown furs all over and a hat made out of a raccoon tail. Tamo, being a good boy, invited him to sit down and have some of his dough balls.

They sat down and got to know each other a little. Then Jonathan (mysterious woodman) invited Tamo to his camp. Tamo followed Jonathan through the forest until they reached a little tent made of animal hides and sticks. There Jonathan showed Tamo where his personal fruit orchard was. Jonathan and Tamo started picking fruits and berries and eating them with delight. They had a fun time playing various wood games until it got late and being a good little boy, he didnĂt want to miss his curfew. ˘Farewell Jonathan of the forest,÷ said Tamo, ˘but I do not want to miss my curfew.÷

˘Wait,÷ said Jonathan. He clapped his hands and a bunch of
squirrels came rushing down a hill with two boxes strapped to their backs. There was a big fancy box and a small plain box. Jonathan said, ˘You may choose one of these boxes.÷ ˘I do not need much,÷ said Tamo, ˘so I will take the small box.÷ ˘Thank you,÷ said Tamo and he rushed off home to tell his family what adventures had befallen him today.

When Tamo got home he showed his present to his family and told them what had happened in the forest. Tomo shouted ˘Open your present.÷ Tamo lifted the lid of the box and saw that it was filled with precious stones and gems of every color of the rainbow. ˘Wow,÷ said Tamo, ˘Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

Tomo exclaimed, ˘You should have taken the big box and gotten even more treasures.÷

The very next day Tomo went out on a morning walk, and he
brought a box of rice cakes with him. He was heading towards the place where the grass was green and the air smelled of cherry blossoms. He sat down and waited for Jonathan to appear, but he didnĂt come out.

Tomo tried again the next day, and for several days after, but Jonathan still didnĂt come out. Finally Jonathan came out on the sixth day. Instantly Tomo yelled, ˘Hey whereĂs my treasure?÷ Jonathan reluctantly clapped his hands, and all of the squirrels and rabbits came rushing down the hill. Tomo immediately grabbed the big fancy box and ran off without thanking Jonathan. When he got home he ripped open the wrapping and the package. He opened it and gasped with awe. He saw every color he ever imagined in that box. Milky jumped on top of the box and all of the colors seemed to fly up and out of the box. ˘Butterflies?÷ Tomo yelled. ˘Where is my treasure? Where are my gems? Where is all my wealth?÷ Tamo said

˘I will still share my treasure with you if promise to be good and kind, but if you are greedy and selfish I will not. ˘Thank you,÷ said Tomo.

Tomo has learned that,
It is not good to want too much,
Respect what you already have,
Instead of what you fantasize about,
He has also learned the meaning,
Of generosity.

The End
By: Daniel B