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Cambodian New Years Games

By: Moleeta H.
California, Age 12

Every year... during the time of Cambodian New Years, my family and I would play games!!! They weren't video games... but more like...the kind of games where you gain money!!! The game was first played with my uncle, my cousins, and yours truly! The object of the game was to toss the coin onto the square tile onto the floor. The ''head'' person would put money onto the small tiled square... and wait for someone to get a coin onto the square, which had bills on top! This game is played at my grandma's house yearly, but we don't play on her kitchen floor anymore! We now use a small brick, which is harder to get the coin to lay on top without tipping off the edge or even landing! This is a fun game and requires somewhat of patience and skill! I suggest that you should try this game!