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The Four Girls

By: Lexi B.
Indiana, Age 10

I have had many friends in my life but I've only had three best friends. The first friend I've ever had was Maya her and i met in the first grade and have been best friends ever since and I'm in fifth grade . The second friend and i didn't get off on the right track her name is Nyia. On the first day of school she rolled her eyes at me because i got to eat with the teacher but some how we ended up being friends. The next person was Charmanne see Charmanne was Nyia's friend but introduced me to her and all three of us became BFF'S . But Maya has never met Nyia , nor Charmanne but i have told them about her so no matter what we are bff's.And to this day we are all still friends or bff's. And that's the end of my story.