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My Ancient House

By: Dawn L.
Illinois, Age 10

The house that I live in dates back to the early 1900's. At this time, my grandmother became engaged to a strong, handsome German immigrant. Her father decided that she should live close to them, so he bought a house from Sears for $3.400. The house had three bedrooms,an open stairway, oak interior floors and a coal furnace. Since electricity had not yet come to their area, gas fixtures where added to both stories of the house. Although there was no bathroom and only cold running water, the house was thought as fashoinable for it's time. My Grandparents lived there 65 years until I occupied the place. Since then, there has been additions to the home. Of course a generous size bathroom on the second floor , plus one in the basement was created and remodeled three times. The old wooden blinds still hang on the windows, and remind me of my cuddle sessions with my grandparents. Closing them so we could watch a 12 inch screen TV.