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My Amazing Folklore Story

By: Jared K.
Ohio, Age 14

Every Christmas we would drive my dadís truck and go out as a family with our aunt, uncle, and cousins and cut down our Christmas tree the day after thanksgiving. Once we all agreed on a tree, my dad would cut it down and we would pull it up and wrap it. Then we would go home and decorate it together.
On Christmas Eve when it got late, we would each get new PJís and sit down and all watch ďItís a Wonderful LifeĒ together and drink homemade hot chocolate with our Christmas tree lit and decorated in the corner.
On Christmas morning us kids would wake up, come downstairs and root through our stockings and wait for our parents to wake up. When they did, we would open our presents and have a nice breakfast together. Then we would play with our presents and go to our grandpaís house and eat lunch with my dadís side of the family and we would play with our cousins until late that evening.