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The little red riding hood

By: Angelica G.
Indiana, Age 9

Wants apon a time there lived a girl named
little red riding hood her mother knew that grandmother was sick and not felling well so she sent little red riding hood out with a lofe of bread she was walking along the woods till a wolf stood infront of her along the path what are you doing here he mumbled sending this loaf of bread to grandmas oh thats nice have fun grumbled the wolf the wolf came to grannys before little red did he
took granny outside thew her faraway got into the bed before it was to late just then dorrbell rang come in cried the wolf and door swished open and in came little red she gave the wolf the loaf of bread then she said what big teeth you have yes dear i know said the wolf still eating the first piece of bread and what big eyes you havei know that to said the munching and crunching on his second bread then out floppped granny swooping up in sky she landed at her house little red stared at the wolf now red was so impressed to see
too grannys she shared her specaial bread with the two grannys she also ate a piece of bread too and they livved happy ever after THE