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Alice's Life

By: Samara G.
Massachusetts, Age 13

A long time ago there was a girl named Alice and she was 14 years old. Her life has been really hard because of people dramas. She is the kind of girl that is nice and kind to everyone . A lot of people love her and think she is pretty but they hate what she wears. The popular people only use her because she smart and they put her into their dramas. Poor Alice doesn't say anything to anyone. She just goes home and cries, deals with it all alone and everyone thinks she is a happy girl but she's really not.
One day Alice walks into class she was ready to have another tough day. As soon as she sits down the teacher tells the class that there's a new student. So she looked at the girl and saw that she was all alone so she asked the girl if she wanted to sit with her at lunch. The girl was really friendly to her and at lunch that day they talked about a lot of things and they both just started to get close. It was the first real friend Alice had she was trying to be happy but her problems at home wouldn't let her so she just broke down in tears in the middle of school. Everyone looked at her shocked because they thought ''what happened to that happy girl?'' Alice decides to tell this new girl all her problems and open up. That day Alice knew that she had a true best friend and she could tell her everything and she would still like her. From that day on Alice knew that to have a real friend you have to be honest and share the problems you have.