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Carl Gets Smart

By: Robert H.
Massachusetts, Age 13

Carl was a boy who couldn't do anything right.His grades were awful, he couldn't play sports and he smelled bad among other things. But the only thing that really bothered him was his intelligence. He had tried to be smart, he had studied and did his homework but nothing happened. So one day he went home and looked up ''How To Be Smarter''. He found a few things but nothing really helped. So he went to his friend Eugene.

Eugene was Carl's opposite. Eugene had good grades and was well liked. So Carl comes to him and says, ''Eugene, I need to be smarter''. Eugene thought that he couldn't help, but he knew someone could. He talked to his teacher who also wanted to help Carl. They got an idea. They got the entire school to help Carl.They rounded up a ton of the smartest kids to tutor Carl and within a month he had changed completely. He had all A's and became friends with the people who helped him. It gave Carl confidence and he started to work on all of his other problems too.