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Chancy and Spot

By: Becca N.
Massachusetts, Age 13

In the woods at a far off land, a Pit Bull named Chancy was talking to her mother.
''Come on mom please!''
''Chancy, Spot is a bad influence.''
''He's my friend though.''
''Fine. Go.''
''Thank you so much mom! I love you so much!''
Lucky, Chancy's mother rolled her eyes and walked back into the tree trunk they call home. Chancy went running down the hill to his friend Spot's house. Spot is a Dalmatian puppy.
''Spot! Spot! She said we could hang out!” Chancy said while catching her breath.
“Cool. Let’s go!” Spot yelled while starting to run
“Spot, wait up! Where are we going?” Chancy called back trying to catch up to her friend.
Chancy was a Pit Bull so she had medium sized legs. Since Spot was a Dalmatian he had long legs.
When the little puppies finally came to a stop, they were at the edge of the woods by Old Man Joe’s house. Spot started to walk across but Chancy pounced on him
“Spot no! Are you crazy? That’s Old Man Joe’s house! He might see you. This is dangerous.” Chancy pleaded.
“Come on Chancy. This is the fun part. Besides we’re only going to the pond. Your mom lets you go there all the time.” Spot responded while pushing Chancy off of himself.
“She lets me only if I go the ling way though. That is all the way around Old Man Joe’s house not through his yard.” Chancy retaliated.
“Please Chancy. You have to take risks every once in a while.”
“Alright, fine.” Chancy finally gave in. She may not know it now but that was the worst mistake in her life.
As the young puppies were walking through the fields they saw the door to Old Man Joe’s house open. Chancy was a little camouflaged because she was white and brown. Spot was white with black spots so he wasn’t that camouflaged. He stuck out like a sore thumb.
The dogs ran towards the fence on the other side of the yard. Spot ran through first and Chancy was about to run through when, thump, she didn’t fit. Her head was too big.
“Chancy come on! Old Man Joe will see you!” Spot whisper-yelled.
“I know. Quickly go the long way around and get my mom. She’ll know what to do!” Chancy decided. She was good at making plans at the last minute because she had to do that a lot.
While Spot ran off, Chancy decided to lay low on the ground and watch Old Man Joe’s house. She could see Old Man Joe through the window. He was looking out of the window right at her. Chancy didn’t know if he could see her or not so she didn’t move. Both Chancy and Old Man Joe stayed like that for 15 minutes. Finally Chancy saw Old Man Joe leave, or so she thought. She picked up her head a little bit because it was getting stiff. Right as she did that Old Man Joe bursts through the door with his shot gun.
Chancy was so scared she couldn’t move. All of a sudden she saw her mom jump over a bush and started to run straight for Old Man Joe. The little puppy got ready to start running for the woods. The second her mom hit Old Man Joe, Chancy took off running.
When she reached the bushes she stopped and waited for her mom. Spot came and saw Chancy sitting and waiting so he joined her. When lucky came back she told the pups to run because Old Man Joe was coming. They ran and ran until they got to Chancy and Lucky’s house.
“Thank you mom!” Chancy said while hugging her mother.
“You’re welcome sweetie. You and spot can have a sleepover if you like. I’ll go call your mother spot.” Lucky concluded.
“Okay. Thank you Mrs. Lucky.” Spot said.
“Any time. Now go get ready for dinner kids.” Lucky instructed.
While washing up for dinner Chancy and Spot talked about their further adventures.
“From now on, we are only taking the long and safe to everything. I am never doing that again.” Chancy explained.
“Agreed.” Spot said.