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Aaron and the Girl

By: Richard C.
Massachusetts, Age 5

Once apon a time in a big city lived a family in a big house. The father was named Derek and he was very wealthy. He had a son named Aaron, Aaron was 3ft tall with size 13 feet and had 9 moles on his face. Derek also had a daughter named Jessisca. Jessica was a very pretty girl that was very smart.
Around the house Aaron did all of the work because Derek didn't want Jessica to get hurt. Aaron did not approve of his sister not having to do any work and would try to trick Jessica into doing chores but she was way smarter then he was.
One night when Aaron was asleep in his box in the attic the sound of a car woke him up and when he looked outside he saw the most beautiful girl in the world and she was staying across the street. the next day the word got out that the girl was in town and she was holding auditions for a new friend or boyfriend. Aaron really wanted to go but Derek told aaron to stay home while him and Jessica went to the auditions. As soon as they left Aaron hitched a ride to the auditions with his neighbors. he waited in the line for hhours and when he finally reached the front he talked with the girl for hours and they both fell in love and got married.
The moral of the story is it doesnt matter how you look on the outside its whats on the inside that matters.