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Cecilia's Beauty

By: Jess A.
Massachusetts, Age 13

Once long ago in a small village, there was a young girl named Cecilia. Cecilia was a wise and thoughtful girl who was kind to all. She loved nature, but though she had a beautiful personality, men did not find her looks very beautiful. There was always one man Cecilia had wanted to marry, and that was the handsome Prince Nathan. Prince Nathan was a selfish, cold-hearted prince who never paid much attention to Cecilia. Though Cecilia does not have a husband, she still has her best friend, Noah. Noah was different than the rest of the men. He thought of Cecilia as very beautiful, but never had the courage to tell her. So his love remained a secret and Cecilia still searched for the perfect man.
One summer morning, as Cecilia was wandering through a beautiful forest, she came across a weak old lady. Little did Cecilia know that it was actually a kind witch in disguise. The “old women” pleaded for Cecilia’s help to pick an apple from a tall tree. Cecilia helped the women, for she felt sorry for her. Seeing that Cecilia went out of her way to help someone in need, the old lady revealed she was a witch, and cast a spell on Cecilia. The spell turned Cecilia as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. After the spell was cast, Cecilia suddenly transformed in to a beautiful girl with long brown hair, deep blue eyes that sparkled like diamonds, and a bright smile. Cecilia thanked the thoughtful witch and ran back to the village to show people her new appearance.
The second Cecilia arrived at the village, all the men stared at her, for they wondered who this beautiful women was. She turned the heads of everyone she walked past, and had hundreds of men proposing to her. That’s when Prince Nathan came, and he himself even proposed to her! Just as she was going to say yes to the prince, she realized something. Prince Nathan barely knew her name until the spell was cast, and he didn’t even like her, none of the men did, except one. Cecilia walked up to Noah and she proposed to him herself, to which he replied yes, with a huge smile on his face. All of the villagers were shocked and asked Cecilia why she would pick Noah over the prince? She explained how Noah had seen her beauty even before the spell was cast. Prince Nathan did not know what to think, he had made a fool of himself. He sadly returned to his castle. After a year, Cecilia and Noah finally got married and had a happy life, and best of all, Cecilia finally found her perfect man.