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How Hockey Came to Be

By: Matthew K.
Massachusetts, Age 14

There once was a child named Jake. Jake lived in Canada. Jake loved to play this game were you shoot a rock into a net with sticks. He played this game a lot. Every day night and day he would make new rules for this game. Some of the rules were to not shoot the rock defending zone to a teammate beyond the red center line. He thought of many names but offside stuck with him.
Jake was having fun with all his new rules he made up. Until one day this kid came over and started playing. This kids name was ben. He weighed 200 lbs. and was a hockey playing machine. Jake was fine with him playing the game but Jake was scared of ben. Jake got a goal and he went to do a face off but ben was there too. Jake got the rock and went in to score again but ben came up and punched Jake right in the face.
Jake had to go to the doctors. The doctor looked at his face and told him a straight answer “you can’t play that game with the sticks no more”! Jake cried out “but why I make new rules all the time ill just make it so if the person who fights will be sent into a penalty box or be suspended a game”! that’s how hockey was born!