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Daddy Long Leg and The Bug Tree

By: Alyssa R.
Massachusetts, Age 13

There was once a daddy long leg that loved eating bugs and was known for always catching the juiciest. His name was Emmet.
One day Emmet was climbing the bug tree and he came to a huge nest of mosquitos. Emmet’s eyes grew big and popped out of his head. They looked so tasty his mouth started to water. He ate almost all of the mosquitos, but he realized one big fat one hiding in the back. This mosquito was very frightened. “Please don’t eat me”, he shouted!
Emmet opened his mouth wide and right as he was about to bite down the king of daddy long legs gave Emmet a look. “Now are you going to eat that or share with the rest of us?” Said the king. Emmet slowly started to bite down on the mosquito and a few moments later he swallowed it whole.
The king’s face became bright red and he became so angry he yelled loudly, “Emmet I warned you last time there would be a big consequence if you did this again!” “I know sir I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself I was so hungry and they just looked so good”, said Emmet.
The king became so hungry because Emmet ate everything in Daddy Long Leg Village that he ended up gobbling up Emmet. Spite his anger Emmet did deserve it and the king stated to the town it was his consequence for being so greedy and starving almost all of the village.