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How the Tiger Got Its Stripes

By: Jonathan C.
Massachusetts, Age 14

On a day long ago the tiger looked like a huge ordi0nary ginger cat they were not violent they acted like ordinary cats they liked to play with the children of Africa but one day a mean hungry lion stalked a mother and a baby but then he decided not to go for them yet so he went back to his den where he decided to trick a tiger into wearing a magical but evil jacket the tiger would appear to be too fat for it so it ripped and it turned him into a striped tiger if it clawed something it would be striped or dangerous if it was one of its own it would be both now there was a parade for a special tiger toby who saved a boy from drowning but then the lion and striped tiger came to feast on innocence but toby clawed the lion so hard it died of shock but then toby went to the striped tiger who also turned a lot of tigers into striped tigers but toby was the only one who wasnít the other tigers look at who would lead there tribe and then toby got clawed but toby killed the other tiger and then gave a big kiss to all the people but he had to leave because he did not want to hurt his family thatís how mottos like roar of the tiger or eye of the tiger got started
the end