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4th Grade Horror Story

By: Abby B.
Ohio, Age 14

4th grade horror stories

So one day in fourth grade, at recess, were talking about horror stories. Makayla Kabellar and me and my other friends were sitting around and listening to her. The first horror story was about these children. They were all different ages. They decided to go to a hotel were they wanted to play ollyollyollyoxenfree which is like hide and go seek, but if you cant find someone you say ollyollyollyoxenfree, instead of “we’re done”. So they went into the hotel and then this manager came up and told them if they were playing that game with the long word that they should not hide in the closet. They asked why? But the manager just walked away. They started to play. All the kids hid in a good place, but the oldest child disobeyed the manager’s orders. The youngest child was the one looking for the other siblings; he found them all except the oldest one, so they said the quote. The oldest child did not come; they looked all over, soon one of the children look in the closet. The oldest child was hanging on a hanger and on the back wall said “your next” in his blood. And all the kids got killed the same way.