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Cargo lamp

By: Evan Z.
Ohio, Age 14

When I was little we would ride home in my uncle’s truck. His truck had a button that was marked as “Cargo Lamp”. Of course no one knew what it did, so as little imaginative and creative little children we began to think.
Our story began with the police chasing us, an obvious place to start a story. We would speed away from the police and beg our uncle to go faster. Of course he was a boring uncle who has no sense of fun and he immediately would dismiss that fun idea. Then the police would over take us and jump into the bed of the truck. We immediately would press Cargo Lamp and of course what else would happen except the cargo falling out. The police were of course the cargo in case you haven’t put that together, and of course they could not just fall onto the road no that wasn’t exciting. So to give us a bigger thrill we would drive by a pigs sty and and then press cargo lamp. We would immediately burst into a roar of laughter.
Though we are older and “more mature” we still like to joke around with the idea of “cargo lamp”. We occasionally will throw the idea of cargo lamp around like “We’ll have to press cargo lamp if you don’t stop!” or “We’ll have to press cargo lamp I guess.” It’s not really important but it sure is funny. It is mainly just a stupid joke that we like to throw around.