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By: Arayna M.
Texas, Age 15

When and where were you born?
Where did you grow up?
I was born in California on July 1,1997 , raised in Las Vegas.

Were there games you remember playing as a child? Do you remember the details and rules of the games?
Not in particular.

What were special family or community celebrations you remember?
No, we didn't do much.

Were there any games, recipes, proverbs, songs or stories associated with those celebrations? no.

Where there any special celebrations that occurred in you neighborhood that were specific to a local tradition? Can you describe them and their origins?
No, nothing.

Were there special adventures, dangers, or remarkable events in your family that people talked about and told? What were they?
No, we don't know many family members.

What are some favorite family recipes that may be associated with a holiday or family tradition? Who passed them down?
I don't have any.

Did anyone ever sing songs or lullabies when you were little? Do you remember the words to the song and who sang it to you? Are there any family traditions associated with it?
Yes, and barely, and no.

Are there sayings or proverbs that you remember hearing all the time growing up or that you still use? Who said them most? Do you know their origins or how they got started?
Church, and I am not sure.