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Just One of the Guys

By: Cecilia C.
Ohio, Age 14

Every person has a childhood game they played with their siblings, relatives, friends, or kids in their neighborhood. I played my childhood game with my two brothers, Nick and Greg, and my two cousins, Tom and Larry. We would play football, baseball, and basketball together. Team one was Larry and Greg. Team two was Tom, Nick, and me. For when we played football, my team even had our own playbook and scheduled practices on weekdays after school. Nick, Greg, and I would wait for my cousins to come back from school because we would always beat them home. When we played I was just one of the guys, a little tomboy. Our games were on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Our parents always knew where we were, in our grandparents yard in front of the castle, except for basketball we played near our grandparents deck or at Tom and Larry’s house. Now some people may say that the teams were a bit unfair, with two big boys versus two smaller boys and a little girl, but let me tell you, we were little fighters and were determined to beat the big boys at the game. Now I wish that when our little group have kids of our own that they will also have fun and get together to play sports on a Saturday afternoons. Because of this little tradition I had with my brothers and cousins, we will always have a special bond between us.