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A Travelers tale

By: Zada F.
Utah, Age 15

On a sunny day a generous, and caring traveler traveling in search of a new beginning came to the beginning of a forbidden forest inhabited with vicious hungry creatures with sharp fangs and claws and they came up with different ideas to use the travelers generosity against him one at a time they told tales when the traveler began his journey through the forest a creature small and sobbing came to him he asked what was wrong and the creature replied im dying i need a new arm or ill die of disease and so the traveler cried and said now dont cry and tore off his own arm and gave it to the creature the next needed a leg then another arm and another leg soon he was a body hoppuing through the forest then another creature needed a new body so the traveler became a head and hopped on then a head was needed he gave away hi head he was nothing but eyes a nose and a mouth he lost his nose then one last creature needed eyes and gave him something in return it was a piece of paper that read the word ''Fool'' the traveler cried with joy not knowing what the paper said he replied with joy saying he was glad to have helped and that he was happy to have gotten something in return.