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Igniting Light

By: Ryan T.
Wisconsin, Age 15

Once there was a cave, buried in a forever darkness. Darker than the night sky. Quieter then the greatest depth in the sea. The only materials in the cave were dead grass, rock, and magnesium which rested at the top of the cave. The rock was afraid of the dark and wish to see his home while the magnesium was afraid of heights. The grasses only wish was too help his good friend, the rock.

They would talk in the pitch black cave unable to see each other. They had been friends since the start of time. One night the magnesium said, ''Eventually I will wiggle myself free and reach the ground at last.''

The rock said,'' Hopefully I will be able to see what my home looks like to ensure my safety so I can conquer my fear of the dark.''

Finally, the grass spoke, ''It is my only dream to fulfill your wishes.''

As the conversation continued, the magnesium wiggled, wiggled, and wiggled. Eventually, the magnesium wiggled free falling to the ground like he wanted. Before he hit the ground he struck the rock causing a spark to last on the grass, setting it into a blazing ball of fire making the cave glow like a star in the night sky. The magnesium was on the ground, the rock conquered his fear of the dark looking around his forever home, and the grass rested in peace knowing he helped his friend. They all got what they wanted by helping each other.