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The village

By: Rachael I.
California, Age 8

In my family there are 6 kids. Our ages are 5-13. We love playing outside with our four best friends who are ages 3-12. Their last name is Rice and ours is Isaacson.

When we met them for the first time, we all became instant friends and we called ourselves the Risaacsons.

One day we were in a ally way that was in between our house and the fire station next door. It is a long area with dirt and leaves on the ground and lots of trees and bushes. We decided to turn it into a village to play in.

First we built a giant tee-pee out of branches and covered it with leaves. The boys built snare traps in case other kids tried to sneak in. We made a hair salon, a post office, a kitchen, a hotel and a garden in the village. We had our own language too. We liked to make bows and arrows and sling shots with the thin branches.

When our tee-pee got destroyed (the firefighters cleared out the brush in the area), we rebuilt it using the scraps they cut down. This time we built a hut.

We decorated our village with feathers. We used the poke berries to make paint. We would also eat some of the plants that grew in the village like Toyon berries and kay apples.

My sister and her friend planted roses and vegetables in the garden and watered them every day. They grew really well. We also grew sunflowers and ate the seeds.

My favorite thing was the post office. When my friends came over while we were at school, they would leave notes for us in the mail box. We would find the notes and leave more for them to find.

The village was destroyed for good in the big rains we had. The firefighters had to chop down all the rest of the bushes and trees to make it safe. But maybe we will build it again next Spring. In the meantime,we have built a new and bigger tee-pee in the creek behind the house. Maybe one day it will become a new village for us to play in.