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Adventures in a Different World

By: Alex C.
Canada, Age 7

Adventures in a Different World
By Alex

One hot summer day Troy and Justin were walking down the sidewalk to play ball with Rory. Rory, Troy and Justin were all best friends. When they got to RoryĂs house, Justin rang the door bell. Rory came out and said ˘Hello guys! Come in , my Mom has to go get groceries so we can play in the basement. Is that okay? My mom left a snack in the kitchen.÷ ˘ThatĂs great÷, Troy and Justin said together. ˘Okay letĂs go play÷, Rory said. As they walked down into the
Basement, Troy said, ˘Hey Rory can we play your game cube?÷ ˘Sure,÷ said
Rory even though he knew his Mom and Dad would not approve. He needed their permission first. As they were picking a game Troy said ˘Hey Rory IĂve never seen this game before÷. Rory said, ˘Can I see that gameÓ. Weird! IĂve never seen that game before either. LetĂs play it and find out what it is like÷. So they put the game in and turned the game cube on. As the game was loading they got sucked into the T.V. ˘Where are we? What happened to us?÷ Rory said. Rory quickly woke up his friends. ˘Ahhhhhhhhh, what happened to me? Us? Whatever? What happened?÷ Justin said. ˘Whatever happened is very strange. Hey guys, look there is my basement!÷ Rory said. ˘Hey, I think the T.V. down loaded us into my game÷. Rory said again. ˘WHAT! Your T.V. down loaded us into the game?÷ Justin said. Troy said ˘Hmm, if the T.V. down loaded us into the game, we must be the game. That explains why we have these weird kinds of suits on÷. Rory, Troy and Justin had these weird kinds of suits on. TroyĂs suit was shiny and purple. He had a cyber gun and jet pack on it. JustinĂs suit was green and had a jet pack and a cyber gun too. RoryĂs suit was red and had a jet pack on it too and a cyber gun. The three friends looked for an exit out of the game. Then they heard a voice, ˘HELP! IĂm honest I donĂt know where it is! Someone help÷. Rory, Troy and Justin ran to the voice. They saw these monsters and this tall, scary and black hooded man. Quickly, Rory, Troy and Justin took out their cyber guns and started to shoot at the monsters. As soon as all the monsters were gone, Rory, Troy and Justin ran over to free the captive of the dark hooded man. ˘Boy, IĂm glad to see you and thanks for the help!÷ he exclaimed. ˘My name is Nory what are your names?÷ Rory said, ˘This is Justin in the green and Troy in the purple. My name is Rory÷. ˘What is that thing that the dark hooded man wants?÷ Justin asked, ˘What he wants is a remote control that can get you out of this world÷ Nory said. ˘Do you know where it is?÷ Rory asked. ˘Yes I do. ItĂs in that bush÷ Nory said. ˘ThatĂs great!÷ Rory exclaimed. When Nory, Rory, Troy, and Justin got to the bush, Troy found it in the bush. Yes I found it÷ Troy said. Quickly, Nory showed them how to use it. Just then Justin pushed a red button on the remote control. Then a portal popped out in front of them. ˘ThereĂs your ticket back home÷ Nory said. Quickly Rory, Troy, and Justin jumped into the portal and found themselves back in RoryĂs basement. Rory said ˘Wow!÷ Now I know why Mom and Dad want me to ask for permission before I play any of my game cube games. IĂll always listen to the rules they set for me÷.