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A fatal Mission

By: Cassie P.
Australia, Age 10

A Fatal Mission
By Cassie P

He knew the injury would be fatal but still he went on through the snowy lands and the hot deserts. He knew that the mission to Balzzar was more important than his life. He felt the pang of concern from his companion and stopped to ask why, but instead of getting an answer he rode on with no expression on his face. Once they had reached the kingdom of Balzzar the gates opened wide to let them in, two men stepped out to greet them and check for weapons. Inside the Kingdom a feast was conducted.Breville decided to bring in a conversation.
˘Sire, is there no news of your brother and my farther÷
˘I am afraid not Breville÷ answered the king
˘I am sure you have met Rome÷
˘He is your new companion÷
Breville stared at the young man and asked to talk to the king
˘Sire are you sure about the lad÷
˘Of course÷ answered the king
Breville stared once more and walked away, murmuring under his breathe. A sudden voice came to meet him.
˘Wait, arenĂt you staying for the feast÷ whispered Lyle as he put a arm on Breville shoulder
Breville wiggled from Lyles grasp and walked away into his room and slammed the door. It began to snow for it was winter and Breville and his new companion were training sword to sword.
˘You have a wonderful talent÷ panted Breville
˘So do you÷ shouted Celmis as he made a lunge for an open space.
They both took a rest under a small tree and talked about their first mission and how dangerous it would be.
˘Listen to me a word of caution is brought to you young lad are you sure you want to go on this mission it may bring death to both you and me÷ warned Breville
˘Quite certain Breville÷ whispered Celmis
Breville stood and shook Celmis hand and every day they trained for this important mission. A mouth later they were called up for a feast for it may be their last. Gradually their nervous thoughts had disappeared and both he and his companion were enjoying themselves. The company of people had parted and it soon left only the two partners. It grew dark and soon a crowd began to form as the partners began to leave their home town. The journey had almost ended when a battle commenced. In the end no one survived.