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''Cansiuco and Totam''

By: Oddys T.
Venezuela, Age 13

Once upon a time, there was an ironwood beetle called Cansiuco, and he was going to visit his grandfather and his grandmother that lived behind the Fantasy Mountain in Consan. During the trip to the Fantasy Mountain, he saw a lot of new animals and plants, but he really got shocked when he saw Totam who was a huge old tree that had all the fruits and flowers of all the trees and plants of the planet Earth. After a while Cansiuco got lost, so he flew down to talk to Totam to see if she could help him to get on the correct way to Consan.
He said, ˘Excuse me. Can you tell me if IĂm on the right way to go to Consan?÷
But when Totam looked at him, she fell in love with him, and she said,
˘Yes you are. But, it is getting late. Why donĂt you stay here to pass the night?
He said, ˘Okay. Yes, I will stay.÷ So Totam made him a kind of hammock with her leaves to sleep in, but when he was trying to sleep, Totam asked him,˘Cansiuco, do you want to marry me? ÷
And he said, ˘What are you talking about? Are you crazy? Of course not! You are so old and ugly. ÷ After he said that, he flew away, leaving Totam crying.
After a month that Cansiuco was in his grandparentĂs house, he flew away back to his home, but he saw a strange thing now. Totam was young, she was full of new fruits and flowers, and she was also pretty, so Cansiuco flew down and talked to her.
˘Totam, you are very pre..Wait!Ó Do you want to marry me, Totam?÷ Totam said,
˘No. I am not going to marry you little, ugly, insect.÷
Cansiuco said, ˘Okay, now I get it! You donĂt want to be with me because of the way I talked to you before. Okay, but can you tell me how you got young and pretty?÷ Totam answered, ˘Well, here came some kids that burned me off, but magically I got young and pretty again.÷
When Cansiuco heard this, he said to himself that if he got into the fire he would get as pretty and young as Totam. Cansiuco said, ˘Totam, sorry I have got to go home.÷
And he flew the fastest he could, looking for a fire so he could change into a young and pretty insect. Then he saw this big fire and he went into it, but as soon he got in, he felt this terrible heat and he knew that he was going to die. So, he flew out of it as soon he could, but it was too late. He had gotten all black from the fire, and there was a fire on his back that he could not extinguish anymore. Black and ugly, from the fire, he went out into the jungle and nobody saw him anymore.
The obvious lesson this story teaches is how the fireflies got that fire on their backs. But it also teaches something else.