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Anna and Christine, The Two Richest Girls

By: Maria D.
Venezuela, Age 13

Once upon a time there were two girls called Anna and Christine. They always thought that they were the best because they were the two richest girls in the school. Both were in 7th grade, and they were also the best students of the class.
One day they were in the social studies class, and the teacher, Mrs. Rich, said, ˘ok, you guys. YouĂll have to do a project for the next week. The group has to be of three or more people. It canĂt be of two.÷ And she was looking at the two richest girls when she was talking to the others.
When the class was over, the two richest girls said to the teacher Mrs. Rich, ˘Can we work together without anybody else?÷
And Mrs. Rich said, ˘No! You canĂt. I already told you that the group has to be of three or more. I didnĂt say two.÷
But they said to her, ˘But why? You know that we are not going to be with the others. By the way, they are not our friends.÷
And the teacher answered, ˘I want the group to be three or more because the project needs a lot of information and because I said so!÷
And both girls said at the same time, ˘ What happens if we donĂt do it like that?÷
The teacher said madly, ˘If you are not going to work with the others guys, IĂm going to put a zero on your project.÷
˘We donĂt care,÷ said the girls, ˘because that is not going to hurt our grade.÷ Then they went out.
The days were passing, and everybody was working on his or her project except Anna and Christine. They just were talking about what clothes they were going to put on the next day. The day of the project came, and suddenly the two richest girls saw that the Principal and the teacher were coming to exactly where they were.
With a big smile, the Principal said to the girls, ˘Hi! I want to see your project and to know who are the rest of your group.÷
The girls said, ˘Oh! We didnĂt do the project because we are not going to be with those guys. Forget it!÷
˘ So youĂll get a zero on the project,÷ said the Principal.
And the teacher said immediately, ˘I already talked to them about that, too.÷
And the Principal said to the teacher, ˘ Can you leave me alone with the girls, please? I have to talk to them.÷
The Principal said, ˘LetĂs talk seriously girls. You got a big problem with your decision. YouĂll have to repeat the grade just because you donĂt want to do right! IĂm sorry.÷
And then the Principal left. And the girls started crying for the first time in the school.
The other groups were ready, and one of the groups had three girls. One of these girls, Mary, went to where Anna and Christine were and said, ˘Hey! What happened? Why are you crying?÷
Christine said, ˘ Mind your own business, and get out of here!!! Let us alone.÷
And Mary said, ˘Oh! I know now why youĂre crying. It is because you didnĂt do you project.÷
And Anna said, ˘ Get out!
Mary said, ˘ But let me help you! You can present in my group if you want, of course.÷
And Christine said, ˘ What? Why do you want us in your group? We always treated you badly.÷
˘Oh that doesnĂt matter,÷ Said Mary. ˘There always is going to be a second chance.÷
Later, the richest girls presented with Mary, and they got a good grade for the presentation of the project. Also, they had more friends, and they passed the grade.
Anna and Christine had almost forgotten about the important thing that is to have friends.