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Luke and how he got his name

By: Luisa F.
United Kingdom, Age 6

Luke stayed in his living room staring at a small picture of him self when he was little when mum peered throgh the door ''dinner dear'' she callled Luke didn't have a name yet but he still went.
Hi dad shouted Luke his dad was called Luke as well Hi squrit dad replied shuffling Lukes blonde spike~ hair.
Grandad Luke will come over soon.
And Grandpa Luke added mum.
My grandpa and grandad are both called Luke and me dad added oh yes Grandads Grandad was called Luke Grandpas Grandpa was called Luke and my great, great Grandlee was called Luke mum smiled and got the chocolate icing and carved a marking on the cream cake. It said YOUR NEW NAME IS LUKE luke was proud and was called Luke
~The End~