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Big Feet Shelley Makes the Plains

By: Rashira A.
Louisiana, Age 14

One day, a girl named Shelley was walking in the city and she overheard the citizens talking about how the hills were destroying their lives. She thought ,÷well I donĂt know why they are complaining about it, none of us can do anything about it.

As Shelley got closer to the hills she heard Mr. Archen call her. ˘Shelley could you please come crush these hills with your big feet!÷

˘What are you talking about? I canĂt do anything, I canĂt do anything, I mess up everything I do!÷ She replied.

˘Yes you can, your feet are very huge and powerful, you can crush these hills easily!÷ he exclaimed.

˘O.K, IĂll try÷! Shelley walked on top of the hill, jumped once, and crushed the mountain flat. She did every hill in the city, until all the hills were now plains.

˘Thank you very much Shelley, now we have plains so our animals can graze and walk freely when ever they want!÷ Without you this wonderful dream would not have come true!÷ replied the man.

Ever since then the city had no hills, but they had flat and wonderful plains, and everyone lived happy forever.