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Person To Princess

By: Luisa F.
United Kingdom, Age 6

One morning when Luisa woke up she disccovered she was a princess. Her school cloths were no where to be seen, so she put on a pinky white top which showed her tummy, which you had to tie up at the front, then she wore a mini skirt, a red one, a then over her mini skirt a sea through, pink shoul on to another not on the side. She went to look for her normal grey hair brush but in stead a made gave her a purple comb. Instead of her usual short dark hair, she had very, very, very long golden hair. It took her one hour to brush it. Then it was time for school. ''Assenbly'' Luisa frowned. But in stead of a lot of stories or your legs starting to hurt, it was totally differnt. Luisa stood up to onehundred and eight children Mrs Keenie told about Luisa she was a princess. ''Your comnand'' said a boy Luisa didn't know. She only said ''can I have a drink!'' said Miss Ward quicky she gathered up her file and clapped her hands. All the power and Luisa didn't know what to do. When she got home her wardrode was full of cool and pretty cloths. When she got to her three shoe shelfs she found not just her her three trainners nine shelfs of a line of high hills. She was stuned. A made dressed in a blue dress and a white apren waved her hand and opened the window. She must be dreaming.