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Crossing the Pacific

By: Shanika S.
Arkansas, Age 14

Once upon a time, long, long ago when there was half woman and half animal, a man named John Robinson was born. By the time he was one year old, he was ten feet tall. He had really big feet and a huge head, but he was indeed a very young man who was known for walking across the country with bare feet. He could go ten miles in an hour.
John wanted to see if he could get across the Pacific Ocean without getting hurt. First, he tried walking on the water, but the water was too deep and he thought that he might drown if he got too far out in the middle of it. Second, he tried to swim, but the waves kept him in one spot so he couldnĘt move. At last he said to his mother that he was going to build the biggest boat to cross the Pacific Ocean. John began to build his boat. First, he had to buy a whole bunch of wood. When he went to the store, the wood that he needed was $200.00, so his mom told him to get a job to pay for it. He asked all the people in the stores for a job, but they didnĘt need any help. He asked the farmer near his house for a job. He said he could use another worker, so he started to work right then. His pay was $20.00 each mouth he work for five mouth he had earned $100.00. so he had to work another five month so he could have enough money for the wood. Ten mouths had past he had the right amount of money so he went to the store and got the wood. He said he would start working on his big boat every evening after work .Ten more mouth past and his boat was finished. He tried it out he had a couple of leckes so he had to fix them one mouth later after he had fixed the boat he went back to the pacific and finally went across he was so happy his mom was really proud of him. The End!