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By: Fizzah M.
Pakistan, Age 11

Laura sat in the classroom impatiently waiting for the bell to ring, paying no heed to what her teacher was telling. Her teacher (Miss Brown) saw her staring around blank eyes and cried out, ˘ Laura! What are you doing?÷ Just then the bell rang loudly and Laura swung her bag over her shoulder and walked out of the class towards her house alone. Another day at school was over? Huh! She could now have a long good nap. She felt worn out. Her exams were less than a week away but she did not bother to prepare for them, all she could do was go to bed for a long goodnightĂs sleep.
She arrived at her house and quickly gobbled up her lunch, and went to sleep. The next few days passed by like that and only a day before her exams did Laura ever bothered to open her books. The moment she had gone through her syllabus, she was horrified. What could she do now? She flopped down on her bed and started revising. By the end of the day she was finished and exhausted that without even having her dinner drooped off to sleep.
When she woke up in the morning still tired and checked her beside clock. 7:45a.m! She hastily jumped out of bed and hurriedly got dressed, gulped down her breakfast. Then she snatched her bag and ran at top speed to school. She had forgotten to pack her bag the previous night and by the time she reached her school the exam paper had already started. She hurriedly sat down and read the paper. All the questions she knew! Good! She opened her pencil box but to her horror it was empty. She couldnĂt borrow anything from anyone because the teacher wouldnĂt allow. Then she saw a pencil lying beside her desk. She picked it up and just in time managed to submit her paper. She felt very ashamed of herself and promised herself that from now on she would change her style and become a responsible, active and obedient girl. Laura was taught a very important lesson by that incident and according to her promise she did change herself and became a very responsible girl so she could make her parents proud.